Five Christmas gift ideas for Football Fans

Christmas time is growing closer by the day! If you have not already started planning your Christmas gift shopping, you should do so now.

You do not want to be left on December 23rd , with no gifts wrapped and having to brave the busy mall!

But do not worry, we have your backs, and are here with a great list of five suggested Christmas gifts for the football fans in your life!

1) Online gaming account

This is a really out of the box gift idea, but I promise that it will be such a hit! Set up an account online so that your friend or family member can play casino games at

Creating an account and loading it with a generous deposit of your choosing is a fantastic and original gift that will have the recipient smiling from ear to ear! Royal Vegas online casino offers an impressive amount of games from which to choose.

Their football themed video slot games entitled, Shoot, Football Star and Soccer Safari, are all great choices that any football fan will enjoy playing!

2) Football game tickets

Have a little look at whether there are any football games happening locally in the upcoming season. Buying football tickets for a football fan is a wonderful choice for a Christmas present, and is sure not to go unappreciated!

If you are a footie fan too, buy two tickets so you can both go and enjoy the game together! Think of some creative ways in which you can wrap these tickets to make it even more exciting.

3) Team scarf, hat, and gloves

It is getting cold in many parts of the world. So why not give your football obsessed friend or family member some great winter warmers in their favorite team’s colors and logo.

A scarf, beanie hat and a pair of gloves together make for a warm and wonderfully thoughtful Christmas gift!

4) Something classy

One thing you want to avoid when looking for a football themed Christmas present is something gimmicky. You do not want to be giving someone a Liverpool plush teddy they will have no real use for!

Keep it classy in your gift giving. For example, team cufflinks or a wallet are great, classy and practical gifts that anyone would be happy to receive!

5) Alcohol

Most teams produce shot glasses with the team’s logo etched in them. Buy a set of these in the relevant team logo, and pair it with a bottle of alcohol, as a thoughtful gift that has a hint of football, but also something fun to drink!

So hopefully these five ideas of fun Christmas gifts for the football fan in your life has gotten you inspired to buy them the perfect gift for Christmas this year –and to start your general Christmas shopping for the whole family!

If you are ordering gifts online, be sure to do this soon as stock usually depletes the closer we get to Christmas.