Football – Mercato – OM: Two Players that the Velodrome want to see

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Influenced by the Velodrome Stadium, Romain Alessandrini and Bouna Sarr are no longer really smelling of sanctity in Marseille. The fans would not be against their departure.

The Velodrome does not do half measures. When he loves, it is madness. Marcelo Bielsa is the perfect example, he who conquered the hearts of the Marseillais in the space of a few months. Conversely, on the other hand, desamoration quickly takes the turns of “detestation”.

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Time to go to Alessandrini

Turkish head of the Velodrome, Romain Alessandrini is a name that is no longer even pronounced by fans. Renamed “Number 11″, the midfielder is the object of all the mockery on the social networks.

Born in Marseille, he now makes players that the public no longer supports. Courted in Ligue 1 (ASSE) or Italy (Genoa), Alessandrini has a good chance of leaving the club quickly. His hour struck.

Bouna Sarr cannot make it

Patient last season, the audience of the Velodrome has stopped believing in Bouna Sarr. Yet, under the shirt of FC Metz, the Guinean had done very badly to the Marseillais.

The bad tongues say that Sarr has just been good only twice in his life: against OM! In the impasse, Rudi Garcia tries to relaunch the offensive medium. But on the side of supporters, the mass is said. Sarr is not part of the new project, he will certainly be forced to leave the club.