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Chelsea’s Latest Hunt for a Veteran Striker and the Logic Behind It

Chelsea FC Goal Celebration
Premier League teams, quite unsurprisingly, create buzz and spark headlines during the permitted player transfer windows.

These headlines are not always created based on the news of actual transfers but are usually created based on predictions and hype, as teams keep information regarding transfer negotiations hidden till the last minute.

Still, others cannot make out the actual decisions of a team till final confirmation regarding transfer is given out. It is similar to a poker game situation in which a player may not be able to make out if another is bluffing or not.

The 2018 winter transfer window is not much different either.

This time around, one of the major teams is hitting the headlines for a rather interesting reason. Chelsea F.C. is learnt to be looking for a striker.

The interesting factor here is that it is looking not just for a good striker but rather for a ‘veteran’ striker, preferably tall. It is quite evident from the list of strikers Chelsea is actively considering, which includes Andy Carroll, Peter Crouch and Ashley Barnes.

Most football fans have yet to read Antonio Conte’s mind and understand the logic behind the demand for a veteran striker rather than a good striker.

Reading Chelsea’s plan and intentions is not as easy a task as playing Omaha Hi-Lo. At first look, the search for a veteran striker seems like a mere short-term measure. But when you analyze further, Antonio Conte’s search for a veteran striker is not without reasons.

While we are not sure about Conte’s calculations, his thoughts and intentions can be guessed with a degree of reason.
Antonio Conte
First, Chelsea, at least in the short term, are looking to consistently maintain a couple of strikers who are firing and have enough experience under their belts.

They are desperately trying to prevent the creation of a hole in the striking department, in the eventuality of Michy Batshuayi going out, at least on a temporary basis. And it seems like Chelsea’s scheme of things needs a credible player upfront, which is not ill-founded.

But what defines the credibility of a striker? Let’s consider the case of poker. No matter how skilful a player is, it is that poker player’s success story that ultimately gives credibility to him or her. And similar is the case with football as well.

A credible player upfront will always be an inspiration to the entire team, as the team will be motivated to play forward and pass on the ball to their trusted player.

So, apart from the physical skill and support a credible striker adds to the team, they will have a psychological impact as well. Ultimately, this will benefit the entire team positively.

Hence the reason why Chelsea are looking specifically for a credible striker. But this is not the only reason. Conte is learnt to be having more faith in keeping a striker as a point of reference and weaving the game around him.

Such a theory is supported by the information that Chelsea are considering veteran strikers who are tall. Thus, without doubt, Chelsea’s hunt for a tall veteran striker is real and is based on a plan.