Is this Tottenham Team a Step Away from the EPL Title?

Mauricio Pochettino has transformed Tottenham from a mid-table overachiever into a regular Top 4 and title contender. This year they were written off from the title race, but that is not something that they should lose sleep over as almost everyone has been blown away by Guardiola’s magnificent Manchester City side.

In the last couple of years Tottenham have been making a steady progress and right now they are favourites to win 80% of the matches they play in. This wasn’t something that you could have said a few years back when they were sinking into mediocrity and couldn’t win even if their lives depended on it.

This last couple of seasons however, they have been the punters’ favourite team and they have been backing them to win against all sorts of opposition. Punters have even started exploring different Betting Strategies which could maximize their winnings as they are now absolutely sure that Spurs can win matches easily and betting enthusiasts are trying to find a way to make that more profitable for themselves.

But can this Tottenham team make the ultimate step forward and win the league in the next few years? We think that they can and here is what they have got going for them.

World Class Manager

Mauricio Pochettino is on the shortlist of all top clubs in Europe right now. Teams such as Real Madrid and PSG are fighting over his signature and are reportedly willing to do anything they can to lure him.

This is because the Argentinean is a master tactician, a big man motivator and also has a good nose for a top quality player. He can win a match with a tactical change easily and his substitutions are always spot on.

Furthermore, many people credit him for assembling this Spurs squad and for how he has managed to keep everyone happy, performing at the top of the game, and ready to give their best when called upon.  

Harry Kane

Kane is arguably the best striker in the world of football. Just like his manager, he is highly sought after and teams such as Real Madrid, Manchester City, and Barcelona have all been linked as his likely destinations next season.

However it seems that the Englishman is perfectly happy to stay at Tottenham, and not just that, but to stay there for what could be his whole career.

This could be a huge boost for Spurs and if their top scorer stays then it is very likely that their trophy cabinet will start running out of space very quickly, something that Spurs fans just couldn’t wait to happen.

Magnificent Midfield

Spurs have had the luck of owning one of the best all round midfielders in the world at the moment and his name is Mousa Dembele. The Belgian is a force to be reckoned with and he will be an asset for any top club. He is perfectly complemented by his creative alter ego, Christian Eriksen, and together they make Spurs’ midfield outrageously good.