UEFA Euro 2024: Dates and Fixtures

For football fans, the UEFA Euro takes the top spot as the most-awaited match in 2024 as 53 teams fight for the winning title. Moreover, it is the best Christmas gift since the automatic qualifiers aren’t completed, and the group draw is yet to happen on December 2.

Although the official matches will happen next year, there is plenty of talk about which team will win each match pairing. With this, it’s best to choose your favourite team ahead of time with the schedule and venues of the games:

Qualified Teams

Of the 53 teams, only 24 will earn tickets to the UEFA Finals. This year, Germany earned the first qualifying spot as the host of the games, followed by Belgium, Portugal, and France’s qualification on October 13. They are then followed by another 17 teams who qualified from October 15 to 19.

With this, three remaining spots are still chosen from the playoffs scheduled in March 2024. This only means more entertainment, as there is still ample time for the remaining teams to prove themselves. 

Pots for the Draws

Within the UEFA, six teams are divided into four pots. For Pot One, the host country Germany stands alongside Portugal, France, Spain, England, and Belgium. Pot Two comprises Albania, Romania, Austria, Denmark, Turkey, and Hungary. 

On the other hand, Pot Three, Scotland, will be joined by Slovenia, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Croatia, and Slovakia. Pot Four will include the defending champions, Italy, Serbia, Switzerland, and the remaining playoff winners.

The three spots to join Italy in Pot Four are still up for grabs. Fan favourite Wales is making headlines with a semifinal match against Finland in March. There is also a semifinal match of Iceland vs Israel and Georgia vs. Luxembourg. With this, you can expect fans to grab their chance on online betting, especially since the UEFA playoffs are yet to be completed.

The Host Cities

There are a total of ten host stadiums for the UEFA. Moreover, these venues are already set, eventhough the pairings and time are yet to be drawn and announced. Nonetheless, taking note of these venues is vital if you want to watch the games live:

1/. Cologne: Cologne Stadium

2/. Dusseldorf: Dusseldorf Arena

3/. Gelsenkirchen: Arena AufSchalke

4/. Leipzig: (Red Bull Arena) Leipzig Stadium

5/.Hamburg: Volksparkstadion Hamburg

6/. Munich: Munich Football Arena

7/. Frankfurt: (Deutsche Bank Park) Frankfurt Arena

8/. Dortmund: BVB Stadion Dortmund

9/. Stuttgart: (MHP Arena) Stuttgart Arena

10/. Berlin: Olympiastadion Berlin

UEFA Euro 2024 Schedule 

Once all 24 seats are filled, the official games will happen in one month, from June 14 to July 14, starting with the group stages. Here, it’s best to remember that position, pairing, and time will be added after the draw on Saturday. Moreover, only the host Germany has been seeded in position A1, opening the matches:

Group Stages

* June 14 

Germany, A1 vs. A2 (at Munich)


* June 15

B vs B2 (at Berlin)

B4 vs. B3 (at Dortmund)

A3 vs. A4 (at Cologne)


* June 16

C3 vs. C4 (at Gelsenkirchen)

D2 vs. D1 (at Hamburg)

C2 vs C1 (at Stuttgart)


* June 17

D4 vs. D3 (at Düsseldorf)

E1 vs. E2 (at Frankfurt)

E4 vs. E3 (at Munich)


* June 18

F2 vs. F1 (at Dortmund)

F4 vs F3 (at Leipzig)


* June 19

B4 vs. B2 (at Hamburg)

A4 vs A2 (at Cologne)

Germany vs. A3 (at Stuttgart)


* June 20

B3 vs. B1 (at Gelsenkirchen)

C4 vs. C2 (at Frankfurt)

C1 vs. C3 (at Munich)


Round of 16

* June 29

1A vs. 2C (at Dortmund)

2A vs. 2B (at Berlin)

* June 30

1B vs. 3F/3E/3D/3A (at Cologne)

1C vs. 3F/3E/3D (at Gelsenkirchen)

* July 1

1F vs. 3C/3B/3A (at Frankfurt)

2D vs. 2E (at Düsseldorf)


* July 2

1E vs 3D/3C/3B/3A (at Munich)

1D vs 2F (at Leipzig)


Quarterfinals and Semifinals

These two rounds will oversee six matches, with four in the quarterfinals and two in the semifinals. In the quarterfinals, you can expect two matches each from July 5 to 6, 2024. On the other hand, the semifinals will have one game per day on July 9 and 10. Additionally, the two semifinal games are scheduled for 21:00 CEST.

UEFA Euro Tournament Format

The format this year will be the same as Euro 2020. After the group stages, the top two from each group and the four best third placers will proceed to the next round, “The Round of 16”. The quarterfinals and semifinals will follow, ending with the UEFA Euro 2024 winner at the Olympiastadion in Berlin.

Buying the Tickets

Although the first phase (October 3 to October 26) for ticket selling has already passed, there are still multiple ways to buy one if you want to see the finals live. On December 2, UEFA will offer a sales window to buy tickets for the 21 already qualified sides.

If you can’t join the second phase, you could always test your luck with the final phase from March to April 2024. Here, the last batch of the tickets will be released to fans of the final three teams who will win the playoffs, including a general sale. 

Moreover, you can buy hospitality tickets for a comfortable or luxurious environment during the games. These include private boxes with fine dining options or casual fares that will still grant memorable experiences. Nonetheless, you can find these available in UEFA’s official portal.

Final Thoughts

Although plenty of missing pieces in position and time in the games still exist, the venue and fixtures are already set in place. Moreover, once the draws come in on December 2, it will only be a matter of time before the positions are replaced with team names and the official matches begin.